QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 5 – WHITE – with Molli Sparkles

(Hi tour readers! A quick word…. the folks participating in this tour are busy and human, just like you and me, and so occasionally their posts don’t get put up in the wee hours while you are sleeping. Please be patient and kind about it… the posts will appear at some point, and if they don’t, I’ll make sure I post the pattern at the end so you don’t miss out. ~Thank you!)

It’s day 5 of the Quilt Talk book tour, and we’re heading across the water (and equator) to hang out with Molli Sparkles! Molli is an American ex-pat, living Down Under, and making lovely, modern quilts. Molli is in a totally different space and time dimension, so hang tight if his post isn’t up this morning!

White Bucket

Molli and I became comrades-in-arms over We Are $ew Worth It – and Molli took it and ran hard with this legendary post about making a stunner of a WHITE quilt, and doing a bunch of detailed math to show its true value. I can’t thank Molli enough for carrying the torch for this work. I chose WHITE for him as it’s the closest color to SPARKLE that I could come up with, as well as being a nod to the WHITE quilt and its story.

I also wanted to include Molli (and next week, Sarah Fielke) as they both reach the Aussie quilting peeps that have been so kind to me. For both of their giveaways, I will be mailing a hard copy, real paper-and-ink book to the winners in Australia. I know that our quilting sisters and brothers outside the US often get to win electronic books, but I’m more than chuffed to have you along for the tour, and want to make sure you get to hold a book. I can vouch for how fun it is to have one in your hands!

Please hop over to Molli to see what hi-jinx he’s up to!

Here’s a reminder of the tour and COLOR bucket schedule:


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WASWI – Molli Breaks it Down

I wrote the original We Are $ew Worth It post almost two years ago, and have been thrilled to see it take laps around the world. When it went viral, it reached our cousins in Australia, and one cuz in particular took it and ran, wearing high heels!

Through the course of emails about WASWI, Molli Sparkles and I have become friends, and today, Molli has given us a great and transparent look at his No Value Does Not Equal Free quilt, a stunning tour de force in shades of white. Read it HERE.

Image from Molli Sparkles, used with "Hell yeah!" permission!

Image from Molli Sparkles, used with “Hell yeah!” permission!

I encourage you to read to the end of the post – there are many important and subtle details in there, and Molli gives us the reasons for every number in the projects sheets. He also generously gives you a version of them to use for yourself (a super beefed up version of my original simple time/materials sheets).

Perhaps the most important sentence in the post is this:

“For those in the USA, where quilting is nearly a four billion dollar industry, I created a more localised costing sheet for you. As previously mentioned, I altered the fabric cost to $10.00 / yard, and the labour rate to $14.00 / hour based on the most recently documented US median wage.”

We help generate $4 BILLION for this industry, and I know many of us struggle to charge $10 an hour.

You are worth so much more than that. We all are. We ARE $ew Worth It.

HDS Sew Worth It LOGO

Thank you, Molli!


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Room for everyone – and vive la difference!

My dear friend Josh, the man in glitter behind Molli Sparkles has hit a nerve out there… he is part of a guys-only quilt bee group, and it seems that some gals have taken umbrage with the name of the group (No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee) not to mention the exclusion of girls from it.

Sigh. Let’s stop all this now, shall we? There is room in this for ALL of us. Ladies, gents, kiddos and cats too, if the pix on Facebook are any indicator of truth.

Yes, I am a feminist. Yes, I want women to have equal opportunity. Yes, I am a member of a couple of women-only bees…. that in all honesty, we want to keep that way. (Or at a minimum, in our own female world view, we didn’t think to ask any fellas.) Yes, my first quilt guild got their bloomers in a bundle over the first guy to brave the biddy gauntlet and join (hell, they got all up in arms when Sam here volunteered to be president, most of them thinking I’m a fella because of my name – not once seeking me out to find out who I really am). But seriously – if we want to be treated inclusively, we need to TREAT OTHERS THE SAME. If we want to get into the locker room, we have to open the door to the powder room. I know the scales are still nowhere near balanced, but our playing narrow-minded and small isn’t going to rally anyone to the cause.

I urge you to read Josh’s follow up post here. It seems that the original post has reached a reader’s son, who now is excited that there is a welcoming place for him to explore his desire to sew. And the fellas in the bee are sending care packages to this lad. Ladies… we do this very same thing! We find the spark of interest, and we fan it with care packages of fabric. What on earth could be wrong with that??? Are we not here to get other people to fall in love with quilting?

So to Josh – bravo! – you done good!

To the young lad – welcome… we love having new people in the sewing tribe! (and please just ignore the biddies… the cool people already do)

And to the naysayers… get off the internet and go do a nice thing for someone today… maybe the steel around your heart will soften up a little!