QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 12 – YELLOW – with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Day 12! We’re almost to the end, so make sure to hop back and get your comments in!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe is hosting the YELLOW bucket! I chose yellow for her because I LOVE how she uses it her quilts!


Yellow can be tricky if it’s too bright, but Victoria uses it like a neutral. Also, the cover of her last book, 15 Minutes of Play featured all that yellow:

Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 5.09.55 PM

It so easy to get caught up in approaching each project as something that needs a huge chunk of time – I love how Victoria breaks it down in this book to small snippets of time, and that you can build those snippets into really beautiful things.

She has something different in store for you on her side of this hop – she called me up on Facetime and captured the video of us chatting. What fun to be part of a conversation! Even her dog got in on the action! And you can peek into her beautiful studio too!

Please hop over to Victoria’s blog to check it out. And while you’re there, check out her upcoming book about Double Wedding Ring Quilts – I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

Here’s a reminder of the tour and COLOR bucket schedule – and I’ll be wrapping it up on Monday with ORANGE:


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QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 3 – RED – with Kim Niedzwiecki

Day three is here and the color is RED!

RED Bucket

Kim Niedzwiecki of My Go-Go Life is hosting the RED bucket pattern for you today. And check out the project she made from the RED word – I love that she took it and made it her own!

I met Kim at Quilt Market a year or so back, when I was getting to know Alex and the Aurifil team. She’s a breath of fresh air – a whirlwind of positive energy and “yes, you can!” attitude. I’ve seen her at the end of a long Sample Spree evening after an equally long day at Market, and she is still wearing both pretty heels and a beaming smile. It’s so lovely to be around people who bring such bright energy with them. You should check out the quilts on her blog too – full of the same colorful cheer!

She and I have bonded over being fond of words… when I first headed out to market with my sassy buttons, she proudly wore them and has been one of my champions ever since. (Kim… I have some new ones coming… and maybe another one that’s thread related just for you!) I’m so honored to have her take a hop on the blog tour – and it’s always fun for me to find fellow word nerds to hang out with!

I also adore the honesty with which Kim writes: she boldly talks about all the stuff that doesn’t always turn out the way it was planned – a refreshing peek behind the studio and life curtains. So I’m going to take a page out of her book and tell you about my great fail of the last weekend… I was making soup for a friend who was visiting to sew for the day, and as I was grinding salt into it the top came off the salt grinder and half the bottle of salt went into the soup. Yep, we ate out lunch instead… and I’ll make another pot of soup tomorrow with NO salt, in the hopes that combining them will make it right!

And before I jump off, a word about social media… there are days I curse the rabbit holes that social media tempts me to disappear down, but without it, I wouldn’t be friends with half the people you’re meeting on this blog tour. It has given me a chance to have deeper connections with people like Kim once the fast-paced fuss of Market dissolves. Color me grateful for the technology that has brought me a world wide community of the coolest people.

Here’s a reminder of the tour and COLOR bucket schedule:


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