And home again!

Long Beach was a blast – so good to see old friends and make new ones! A huge shout out to the Kickstarter team, and the team both in the booth and behind the scenes (who I will not name for fear I forget to mention someone). You all know who you are! The patterns were well received, and many people left with some of our sass in their bags and on lapels. I learned so much about how to do this next time – and am looking forward to going again (just not anytime soon!!)

I’ve spent the week unpacking and re-organizing and digitizing and uploading. And trying to catch up with all the stuff that goes by the wayside when you get busy trying to hit big dates. And I’ve even managed a much needed nap or two this week!

And so – moving forward! I’ve updated this site with all the new patterns that were available at Long Beach. Pop over to the Patterns tab to see them, and follow the link there if you’d like to purchase. FYI, I have some GREAT kits for some of the new patterns going at a steal (buy the kit and get the pattern FREE).

And lastly, the new Sew Sassy Buttons. I will be making up some new sets in the next couple of weeks so watch this space for when you can get some more sass on!


Good friends

Every one needs good friends. I’m a lucky gal as I have several on my “I could call at 2am list.” They each fill different parts of my world, in composite making a lovely circle that keeps me going through the ups and downs. I even have friends that will help sew my samples for me – how lucky am I?!

And so today I just want to throw out a big bunch of thank you. My Kickstarter campaign is 50% funded, and such wonderful support could not have happened without the huge efforts made by my friends to help get the word far and wide. There are also pledges from people I’ve never met, but they must be cool people to lend a hand to a stranger, no? I hope they come up and introduce themselves when they next see me – I have a hug waiting for them.

And on the topic of Kickstarter… 4 days to go! If you are at all able to help out, here’s where to do it (feel free to forward to your friends and guild too):

I have plenty of hugs in the bag for new friends!

Kicking up my heels!

It’s alive!

Short version of the story: I’m heading to Long Beach Quilt Festival in July. I launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with getting there.

Slightly longer version of the story:

If you are willing and able, this is where I could use your help. In order to raise the capital I need to get to Long Beach with a trunk full of patterns – the trunk of a friend’s SUV I might add, not my ever trusty Miata – I have launched a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a web-based company that helps people raise funds for creative projects through micro-finance – essentially the 21st century version of people pitching in at the kitchen table beginnings of a small business venture. Creative types like me tell you about our projects and offer cool rewards in exchange for your pledges of financial support. It’s an all or nothing thing – if all my pledges meet or exceed my goal, I get funded at the end of the campaign. If I miss the goal, no money exchanges hands.

One of the great things about Kickstarter is that for every pledge made, I offer a reward (okay… bribe) as a thank you. I’m offering all sorts of groovy fabric goodies, from the patterns themselves to hand-dyed fabrics, sassy buttons, tote bags and quilts – all hand-made by me. You can choose to not take a reward, but hopefully there is something in the mix that will tickle your fancy. Pledges are made through Amazon’s Marketplace – you can pledge as little or as much as you want and it’s only taken once the deadline AND my goal are reached.

With the help of friends, I made a short little video to share about the pattern company and the Kickstarter campaign. This link will take you there:

I’d like to kick this project far and wide, and so would be thrilled if you would forward it to the creative folks in your circle that would enjoy a fabric reward.

OK, I’m heading back to the kitchen table! Hope to see you there!

Thank you!