Sam Hunter HS1

Sam I am

I’m a fiber artist and quilt pattern designer. I started sewing when I was 7 and haven’t really stopped since. I started quilting in my 20’s, and teaching quilting shortly thereafter.

I hold an MFA in Fiber Arts, and blend this classic training with my sense of play in all that I do. I believe that everyone has innate artistic talent, and I love helping people find theirs.

I’m a relaxed, encouraging, and generous teacher, and I love to share the joy of making beautiful things.

What people say about my classes:

“Amazing class! She explains everything simply so everyone comprehends. She’s funny, too!”

“She is one AMAZING teacher. She has inspired me to get more involved with sewing.”

“She’s so helpful… she even rips your seams and irons for you so you don’t fall behind.”

Hunter’s Design Studio

As a pattern designer, I’m a champion for helping our newest sewists, and our up-and-comers. I like to design patterns that can be made with beginners’ skills, but that are more interesting than the usual big block patterns that are offered to our newbies.

I enjoy wrangling with the puzzles of quilt design: I design mindfully for ease of construction, and economically for little waste. I take care to list the actual skills needed to make a project and my patterns are full of illustrations to make them easy to follow. I fundamentally believe that quilting should be fun, so I try hard to design and write things that are fun, too.

For a deeper read of my Pattern Mission Statement, go here.

What people say about my patterns:

“As quilt shop owner I am very vested in knowing that my customers are going to have the best experience possible with a pattern. It is not possible for me to try every pattern so it is good to know that there are designers I can trust and Sam Hunter is one of them. I feel complete confidence buying her patterns for my shop and recommending them to my customers.” Maddie Kertay, BadAss Quilter’s Society, and Spool, Chattanooga.

“I love Sam Hunter’s creative design sense – her patterns are great for a wide spectrum of fabric designs. As a shop owner and teacher, I really appreciate that I can trust that Sam’s patterns can be easily understood and don’t leave users wondering what she meant or trying to figure out what critical step is missing from the directions.” Janet Mease, SLO Creative Studio.

“I am a proud owner of all Sam’s patterns, and I love them for their thoroughness. I can read through a pattern, and know exactly what I need to do—I don’t have to jump in to making it in order to visualize the tricky parts. Sam makes everything clear, and I love that about her!” Megan Dougherty, The Bitchy Stitcher.

Get in Touch

Questions? Non-public comments? Words of wisdom? Goofy thoughts? Send them to me at sewsamsew (at) gmail (dot) com – Cheers!