QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 9 – BLUE – with Sarah Fielke

Day 9 takes us back Down-Under for the BLUE bucket with the wildly talented Sarah Fielke!

BLUE Bucket

Sarah and I “met” through the wonders of the internet in a discussion of things related to We Are $ew Worth It. In British and Aussie parlance, I was (and still am) chuffed to have her support for it, and now for Quilt Talk, too!

Following Sarah’s adventures in quilting on any of the visual social media feeds is like peeking into an alternate universe for me. I’m utterly fascinated… she does a LOT of beautiful hand appliqué and hand quilting, the first of which I do under duress (cussing up a storm) and the second of which I’ve never tried. My machine is my power tool!

Her latest book, a collaboration with Amy Lobsiger, is Little Quilts, a journey down the path of miniatures.


Miniatures in any form are fascinating (I have a current obsession with Superhero Lego people), but as quilts, they’re a great way try a lot of patterns without a huge investment, not to mention easy on storage! The book covers all sorts of techniques by hand and machine for all interests, all in beautiful, inspiring fabric choices.

Sarah also designs fabrics, and you might see her latest line for Windham, Enchanted, at your local store right now. It’s both vibrant and whimsical:


Please hop over to Sarah here, and check out what she’s up to.

Here’s a reminder of the tour and COLOR bucket schedule:


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7 thoughts on “QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 9 – BLUE – with Sarah Fielke

  1. I’m so pleased that you chose Sarah. I love her previous books, but haven’t had a chance to look in to the new one yet. I’m obsessed with the idea of mini quilts, and hopefully will make a few next year. I speak with her collaborator Kathy from time to time (an acquaintanceship that started rather embarrassingly when I reposted a picture from her latest book because it was just so wonderful to see how she had photographed the quilts, and the Sydney skyline was making me quite homesick. Well, my sister kept accusing Kathy of having photoshopped the background because she couldn’t understand the location the photo was taken from, and why the Harbour Bridge and Opera House weren’t in it.) So, I was a little bit worried when Kathy discovered this conversation – my fault for asking where she’d taken the pic from – but fortunately she’s lovely, and seemed to find the whole thing amusing. I haven’t had a chance to chat with Sarah yet. I’ll definitely be dropping in on them on my next trip home (February).


  2. I’ve been following the blog tour since the first day. I only have one option that I can use to log in and leave a comment that I use but that won’t work for me as I use a regular email addy for my blogger profile and her options only allow a blogger email sadly. I guess I just wanted to let you know I was here but sadly can’t enter for Sarah’s day.


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