QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 6 – HEXIES – with Cath Hall

Day 6 of the Quilt Talk tour takes us to Cath Hall of Wombat Quilts for a slightly different bucket: HEXIES. Yes, not really a color bucket, but with the trend to hexies still growing, we thought it would be a fun addition to the tour. And look at that hexagonal bee fabric!


Cath is a new Portland friend. She heads up the charity quilting program at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and is part of the dynamic board. She’s also an Aussie, born in Britain, and transplanted to the US. One sentence out of her mouth and I knew we’d be pals – you can take the girls out of England, but you’ll never get the England (or Australia) out of the girls!

In addition to being a whiz with hexies, Cath is a master at paper-piecing. Her blog is a torrent of beautiful projects, lots of them made on paper, with a no-nonsense breakdown of the adventures it takes to make her quilts. And is she ever productive! She also runs the occasional test on patterns for me (we’ll have one to show you after it debuts for quilt market… the pattern is mine but the fabric is still secret – and I hate that I can’t just blab it all as soon as it’s made!)

Cath is firmly in the PINK camp, and keeps telling me that she’ll get me converted at some point. I still think it needs ORANGE added to it to make it look better, but I don’t hold it against her! She’s too much fun to hang out with!

Please hop to her blog to see all her beautiful quilts, and pick up the HEXIES pattern!

Here’s a reminder of the tour and COLOR bucket schedule:


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4 thoughts on “QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 6 – HEXIES – with Cath Hall

  1. I love this one so much I googled that material & found a pink(ish) color way on etsy. I totally just bought two yards. I will order your book if I don’t win one. I want to design a purse using the honeycomb material and the bag will say ‘bee happy’. Can’t wait!


  2. Hi Sam!

    Do you know how can I buy your book from Spain? I’ve made a look in amazon, just in case I won’t win your signed copy, and only is available the kindle version.




    • Hi Eva once the drawing is done, please email me privately with your address and I’ll research the postage for you ;-) And yes, the book has all the accents you’ll need to make a Spanish quilt!


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