QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 4 – TEAL – with Flaun Cline

Day four is here, and we’re playing with TEAL! Head over to Flaun Cline’s I Plead Quilty blog for the pattern!

TEAL Bucket

‘Twas a fateful day when I met Flaun… Quilt Market, Spring 2013, here in Portland, OR (but before I moved here). I had been traipsing the market floor, in search of perfect fabrics for the book’s projects. It was lunchtime, and so I headed out into the eating area of the convention center, dodgy catered salad in hand, looking for a place to sit. There was an open seat next to Flaun and her mom, LuWana, and they looked like kind, friendly people. I asked if I could sit with them, and we ended up gabbing away as quilty people do. We parted having exchanged emails and FB contact info, and actually managed to follow up on that!

Fast forward a few more weeks. I woke up a few days in a row, with the nagging idea that I needed to ask Flaun if she wanted to make a project for the gallery section of the book. I have a pretty decent Spidey-sense, so I tend to listen to it. I called her and asked (and got an enthusiastic ‘hell yes!”), sent her the alphabet patterns, and a week later the quilt was underway. I’ll let her show it to you – it knocked my socks off, and is so much prettier than it photographs… there’s a ton of sparkle in it.

And there it was – the beginning of a treasured friendship. Not only do Flaun and I have fun FaceTime gab sessions, but LuWana and I have forged a lovely friendship too, over great food (the woman is an amazing cook) and theatre outings. All because I asked if a seat was taken! Sometime you just have to ask!


Quilting really does bring great people into your life.

Flaun recently joined the BadAss Quilters Society, and is ramping up her teaching schedule at Spool in Chattanooga, TN. You need to take a class from her – she’s an eloquent, encouraging, and patient teacher – and I know this because she taught me to do EPP hexies over FaceTime!

Please hop over to her blog, and read about her Quilt Talk quilt.

Here’s a reminder of the tour and COLOR bucket schedule:


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5 thoughts on “QUILT TALK Blog Hop Day 4 – TEAL – with Flaun Cline

    • Hi Sher! Flaun probably hasn’t posted yet, she’ll get to it – not everyone’s an early riser like you and me! I tested the Brown link off Carrie’s blog and it works fine for me. I will be reposting them all in one place at the end for convenience, too.


    • Hi Shirley – both Carrie’s BROWN and Flaun’s TEAL are up, and the links to the patterns are working fine for me. Please be patient with my tour folks… they don’t all get up at the crack of dawn like I do :-)


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