Who’s Your Doctor? And a Giveaway!

Peter Capaldi has taken the stage, and according to my son (a geek’s geek), it’s all gonna be okay.


Peter Capaldi as Dr. Who – image from the BBC site.

I’ll have to wait to find out because I’m not caught up yet. I know – heresy! But I only sew to stuff I’ve already watched so I get behind easily (and I’m currently watching a certain kilted Scotsman).

Being as FABRIC is the thing we use most, I thought it might be good to spend a moment looking at the good chap’s costume. I LOVE the red lining of the coat! It’s like an unexpected crazy back to a quilt. I can’t say I’m keen on the sweater vest as it reminds me a bit of my granddad. And I have a soft spot for a nice pair of Doc Martens….


Image from drmartens.com

Ha – I went searching for an image of Docs and I might just have to buy these… the tops are needlepoint tapestry – perfect for a British born fiber geek like me!

In honor of the new Who, I’m giving away TWO pairs of patterns – you’ll get both the Tardis and the Dalek. US peeps, I’ll send you the hard copies, international folks, I’ll email you the PDF versions.

HDS.016 - Whos the Bad Guy - Cover 2014 - 300dpiRGB RelativelyDimensional - Cover - 72dpi

Leave me a comment, and tell me who’s your favorite Doctor, and how you’d dress him if you were in charge of the costume department! Winners drawn on Monday Sept 1 via random number.

(I still have a soft spot for my first doctor, Tom Baker, and knitted a scarf like his for my son’s dad when we were courting!)


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45 thoughts on “Who’s Your Doctor? And a Giveaway!

  1. Tom Baker was my first Dr. too – loved that extra long scarf! I don’t know if I really have a favorite – loved Matt Smith and David Tennant both. But being that today is National Bow Tie day, I’d put ’em all in bow ties!


  2. Eccleston was the Doctor I started watching Doctor Who with… but Tennant was the one who stole my heart. Oh how I cried on his last episode! I thought I’d never forgive Moffat for Matt Smith.

    But then dear, sweet, adorable Matt Smith.

    And Ohhh How I sobbed and wanted to hate and despise Capaldi… And the news that Jenna is leaving before the first epi even aired! *crushed!*

    But then I watched… and I will say, there’s one scene, an homage to Matt Smith’s Doctor… and right there in the middle of the first epi, I bawled. But Capaldi…

    I think I’ll be okay. He’s no David Tennant, who to me wasn’t heart throb material as much as this playful chap I wanted to hang out and drink beer with… which is ALWAYS the guy you fall in love with.

    And he’s no Matt Smith. That wizened old man in a young person’s body. Equal parts Mischief and Elder.

    But, yes. I think he’ll do. Quite nicely, even!

    (Also, I’m working on a Doctor Who quilt for my kidlet for Christmas. If I were to win, I’d much prefer PDF files, as all the rest of my quilt square pattern pieces are PDFs in one place. :) Thanks!)


  3. I love Matt Smith for the bow ties alone!!! Though I might do something with his hair – the floppiness tends to bother me. But maybe that’s the point? Make people want to fuss over him? :D


  4. Tom Baker was my first doctor but I enjoy watching all of them. Occasionally we go to the first Dr. Who on Netflix and try not to fall out of our chairs laughing. My husband remembers watching them when they were new. He grew up in England. I don’t remember how many scarfs I knitted for friends and family who wanted a Dr.Who scarf. I would always tell them to be careful as we didn’t want an Isadora Duncan ending to any of their stories. Isadora’s silk scarf, draped around her neck, became entangled around the open-spoked wheels and rear axle. They all rolled their eyes but they didn’t wear them loose in a convertible.


  5. My first Doctor was Paul McGann. Even though it’s not a great movie the characters and the world really fascinated me. My favorite doctor was Tennant! He just has such a friendly fun charm and love the costume! It was hard when he left, but I’m looking forward to Capaldi’s run.


  6. Ecceltston was my first Doctor. I still love him. I love the hard, gritty edge he had. The pretty boys are fun to watch but that leather jacket had me at ‘I’m the Doctor’.

    Capaldi looks equally compelling for the line ‘I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you’. I love that realistic film noir feel. Though I love his new threads; the way he flourished the red at first annoyed me. Seemed too posturing for a man of his stature.

    I will be thrilled when that ditz leaves. I have never understood her point or her chripy, vascillating between ‘I’m really smart’ to ‘I’m as dumb as a stick’ boggles me brain!

    I am breathlessly awaiting my own new pair of Docs that will the Garden of Earthly delights Pascal Hell boots.


  7. I need the Tardis…yes! My favorite doctor is my children’s pediatrician, Dr. Epstein. They are grown now, but he was such a stable and comforting presence when they were small. He would wear a loose labcoat and serious glasses.


  8. I’m a Tennant fan. And I’ve found a pub in Portland that airs the new episodes on Saturday nights. I might need partners in crime ;)


  9. My Doctor is 10 (Tennant) and if I had the chance to dress him, I would dress him the same way. I really love his outfit (especially the Converse), I think it fits him perfectly!


  10. My first doctor was Tennant but I also have a soft spot for Tom Baker. Now if I was in charge of to costume department I would like to see something more…classic. like what the 8th doctor wore.


  11. Oh please don’t boo me but I have only watched about 10 or so episodes of this. I got hooked on it, but they were the more recent ones so I honestly have no knowledge of the other doctors.
    Ok now that I’ve admitted that rather that to make something up, I will say first, I am subscribed to your blog and the second you released both of these patterns I went immediately and put them both on my wish list. My son is a HUGE fan of the series and I wanted to make these, or at least attempt one of them for him. I already bought some fabric from Spoonflower to make something for him, although not either of these as it was the fabric of a brick wall with “Bad Wolf” graffiti on it.
    So hopefully I can still be eligible even though *I* am not a die hard fan myself. :)

    Thanks so much.


  12. Matt Smith does it for me. After David Tennant, who I love in other shows but not as the Dr., Matt was a breath of fresh air. David just overacted too much for me, but he’s still a hotty. Does anybody say that anymore?


  13. I’m not interested in the drawing, as my talent is words, not visual arts, but I had to comment as I’m a die hard Whovian. My first Doctor was Christopher Eccleston. Loved him then and still do. I liked Tennant, Hated Matt Smith when they announced him, but his first episode won me over and I enjoyed him after that. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the doctors prior to 9, but am not as familiar with those.

    Capaldi’s first episode was not the best presentation for him. It wasn’t bad and he had some good lines, and definitely potential, but it wasn’t a great episode. I’m interested in the one coming up this week. I think that will show us much more about Capaldi’s Doctor.


  14. Hi Sam! I would dress the next Doctor in high waisted gray pants, a red flannel shirt, Doc Martin boots, and a big ratty brown leather coat that hangs down past his pants pockets. Inside his coat would be a lot of Tardis like pockets, and he would always be pulling silly things out of them (like Mary Poppins), and forgetting which one he put his sonic screw driver in.


  15. Tom Baker was the Doctor that I grew up with, his curly mop of hair and his long flowing scarf. He had a way about him that shined, even though he starred during the time that special effects looked so corny, you couldn’t be scared because you were laughing so hard. Then there was Peter Davidson, but he was NO Tom Baker. I lost track of The Doctor during college and my early married years. When my son was about fourteen he came running into the kitchen to tell me about this cool new show he found on the tele called Doctor Who. I then started sharing it with him through the David Tennant and Matt Smith tenures. Now Hulu has them available from the beginning and we’ve started watching. I enjoy spending the time and talking about it with my son. As far as my favorite Doctor is concerned, you never forget your first, it’s Tom Baker. If he were the Doctor now I would clip his hair and put some product in it to make it more manageable. Nice brown slacks and a white shirt. Then I would put him in a knee length, worn, dark brown leather jacket and use the same scarf, just doubled up and wrapped around his neck and tucked through. He would be such an updated chic looking Doctor Who!


  16. I’ve only watched what I can stream on Netflix. (The old, old doctor is ridiculous.) I fell in love with each of the recent doctors, after resenting their replacing my previous love. I can only hope the new interloper will charm his way into my heart as well. I so want to watch the years I’ve missed, the ones with the iconic scarf, especially!


  17. My Doctors were among the “classic” ones. Tom Baker was the first I ever saw, but later I also became very fond of Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, and Sylvester McCoy. And I honestly can’t imagine dressing them in anything different from what they wore. (I’ve got nothing against the newer Doctors. I just haven’t had a chance to see very many of their episodes.)


  18. This is the coolest giveaway I’ve EVERSEENINTHEHISTORYOFEVER!! My favourite doctor is Ten. I actually like how they dressed him, but if I were dressing a different Doctor, I might go with something more casual. I’d like to see maybe a button down under a jumper, with maybe denim or slacks, and some casual-dressy shoes. Something very normal. But then maybe with a crazy watch or something to “weird” up the look- he IS the Doctor after all! I’d love to see a female Doctor or someone not white, too. They started out doing a decent job with the companions, at least, so hopefully after Clara they’ll bring some variety back to the show. I’m already in love with Capaldi’s older Doctor and I haven’t even caught up to watch him yet!


  19. Back in the day, I thought Peter Davison was terribly cute, however, Tom Baker gave me a lifetime addition to Jelly Babies (which are not easy to find in Canada).


  20. I am a big fan of David Tenant’s Doctor. Just the right amount of manic and mean. I loved that he traipsed around in those Converse Chuck Taylors. My absolute favorite shoe. I must have a dozen pairs. I don’t think I would change a thing about his trench coat and canvas sneaks.

    Guilty confession: I once knit a proper Doctor Who scarf and practically gave it away.


  21. David Tenant was my first Doctor, so I’d have to say him (tho I have seen a few with Christopher Eccleston ~ really like him too and of course Matt Smith).
    Not sure how I’d dress David tho ~ I loved his tennis shoes, they seemed sort of out of character for Dr. Who, but what do I know?
    Thanks for the giveaway ~ so generous of you!


  22. Who is my favorite Who??? I was brought up with Tom Baker LOVE him! So I would say him but then there is David Tenant, he really grabbed me up, so I will have to say it is Tenant. I would have to say I do not know what I would change about him, he like Tom Baker, are just The Doctor as they are.. Maybe get Tenant to wear a scarf every once in awhile as a hat’s off to Baker!
    I would so love to win these I have so many Whovian friends and I would be making them for Christmas and Birthday’s right and left!


  23. My first Doctor Who was Christopher Eccleston. I thought he had the right amount of eccentricity! My daughter really liked David Tennant. My daughter would absolutely think I was the greatest if I made her a Tardis quilt!!!


  24. My favorite Dr. is Dr. Bob, the man most responsible for me meeting my husband. He was a band director until his retirement so a tuxedo is always good for him and for a little but of fun a green Michigan State Spartans bow tie. I am not a dr. who fan (gasp) but my former roommate is and I would love to make these for her to surprise her.


  25. I am a major Doctor Who geek freak. My favorite (I truly love them all!) was probably Matt but I have to admit I’m very smitten with Peter Capaldi. He’s just so much more alien and I loved Matt’s plea to support our new Doctor. I like the red lining but I would like to see it become a red pattern eventually, maybe red on red paisley? I would also eliminate the pleats from the top of his pants and make them flat front. Maybe the vest should be changed? I don’t know… I hate the idea of changing anything once they’ve chosen. Speaking of change: Has anyone noticed Christopher Eccleston’s new look and character in HBO’s The Leftovers??? Its very disturbing to see him that way after watching him as the uber cool tough guy Doctor :P

    I would make the Tardis quilt for myself to snuggle in on the couch when I watch The Doctor!


  26. I’d have to go with Matt Smith for his range from the fun, quirky side to those heavy dark brooding moments. I wouldn’t change the costume a whit—and love how the accessories such as a bow tie, a fez, or cool reading glasses can up the cool quotient. DH and child are huge fans, and now I am as well.


  27. Tom Baker’s scarf, David Tennant’s chucks, Matt Smith’s bowties… who can choose? Started watching Tom Baker, lost track until my teens got me hooked again with David Tennant. Wouldn’t change anything. OK, maybe Matt’s fez. Haven’t seen the Capaldi episode yet, but he needs some cooler shoes! And the jacket needs to be somehow more than an ordinary jacket, although I do like the pop of color in the lining.


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