Odds and Ends and Bits and Bob(bin)s

A few quick updates about stuff!

1. My book, Quilt Talk, is now in my store for pre-order, and at a special price too for a bit. I stocked up on ORANGE Sharpies just so that I can autograph one for you or for whomever you might buy one for. I also have an option for the book bundled with my favorite paper-picing paper (seriously… the stuff is like crack – you’ll never use copier paper again unless you’re desperate). AND I made autographed bookplates for those of you who are buying Quilt Talk from your local book or quilt store!


2. Quilt! Knit! Stitch! is this weekend! Come out and say hi! Here’s where/when to find me:

  • Thursday 4-6pm: Open Studios, main floor – paper piecing demo
  • Friday 3pm: Lecture – We Are $ew Worth It
  • Saturday 9am-12noon: Learn to Paper-Piece (class still has seats!)
  • Saturday 2-5pm: No Fear Thread Painting (class is full)


3. Megan Dougherty, The Bitchy Stitcher, is visiting me for Quilt! Knit! Stitch! and will be helping in the classroom. Come meet her! AND… it’s her BIRTHDAY today. You can leave her a happy message here.

4. I’ve been working on making special buckets from the Oh Scrap! Buckets pattern in Quilt Talk. I’m getting down to the final steps. These guys will be helping out on the blog tour for the book, so keep your eyes peeled for that. We have some fun stuff in store for you!


That’s all for now… must get back to prepping stuff for this weekend!

BTW – Did you join my mailing list yet? Do it here. I’m dreaming up groovy exclusive stuff for you!



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