Blog tour + giveaway: The Bitchy Stitcher Wrote a BOOK!

If you’re anything like me, every time you read one of The Bitchy Stitcher/Megan Dougherty’s fab essays, you leave happy to have had your daily dose of “OMG I can’t believe she went there!” while being utterly pissed off about having to wait for the next installment!

Well, we must wait no more! Megan pulled together the best of her ramblings, with guest appearances by her fictional mom and other judgmental biddies from the local guild – you know them… same biddies, different quilted name tags. It’s a full-on feast of Bitchy Stitchery! My fave story? The one about figuring out binding…


So why am I excited about this? First up, Megan is a dear pal. Really dear pal – as in the kind of pal that sends me a care package filled with ORANGE things! We met through other dear pals (the Gen Q ladies) and somehow managed to fall into pal-dom without having set eyes on each other. When we did, we almost needed to get a room.

IMG_2761She has been a source of constant calm and encouragement through some of the tougher spots I’ve gone through writing my own due-next-year-book… and even made a really rockin’ quilt for it. Which I still can’t show you a picture of yet. Dammit.

Anyhoo… Megan made this book all by herself – soup to nuts, every word, every drawing, the cover, the layout… all of it. She is a self-publishing goddess. And herein lies the true story: such feats take a bunch of courage… and Megan, like the rest of we-who-make-art faced that creative fear and stared it down, put on her big girl panties, and got it DONE. It’s not easy putting yourself out there in the sometimes mean anonymity of the interwebs. But she did it, and in my eyes, that inspiration deserves a super-heroine cape. Or knowing Megan… perhaps one with George Clooney on it.

So go buy Megan’s book. You might need two because you’re going to want to gift one to a friend, and it’s kinda rude to gift the one that’s covered in the tea you snorted out your nose while you were taking a teensy-weensy peek before you wrapped it.

Her book is blog-hopping for a few weeks from now through January with a break for the hols (yay for something fun in January!) – for the other stops see below.

And leave me a comment (how about you tell me what the most frustrating part of quilting was for you when you began?) if you’d like to win a copy. I’ll choose a winner on Friday!

Dec. 2 – Maddie Kertay  – Bad Ass Quilter’s Society

Dec. 3 – Sam Hunter – Hunter’s Design Studio

Dec. 4 – Carla Crim – Scientific Seamstress

Dec. 5 – Scarlett Burroughs – Craft Gossip

Dec. 6 – Jill Dorsey – Made With Moxie

Dec. 9 – Victoria Findlay Wolfe – Bumble Beans Inc

Dec. 10 – Lynn Harris – Little Red Hen

Dec. 11 – Teresa Coates – Crinkle Dreams

Dec. 12 – Joshua Helms – Molli Sparkles

Dec 13 – Liz Kettle – Stitch Journeys

Dec. 14 – Leah Day – The Free Motion Quilting Project

Dec 16 – Lisa Sipes – That Crazy Quilty Girl

Dec. 17 – Charlotte Newland – Displacement Activity

Dec. 18 – Teri Lucas – TerifiCreations

Dec. 19 – Cheryl Sleboda –

Dec. 20 – Kelly Biscopink – Stitchy Quilt Stuff

Jan. 6 – Generation Q

Jan. 8 – Rose Hughes – Rose Hughes – Quilt Artist

Jan. 9 – Janice Ryan – Better Off Thread

Jan. 10 – Flaun Cline – I Plead Quilty

Jan. 13 – Heather Jones – Olive and Ollie

Jan. 14 – Meg  – Without A Stitch On

Jan. 15 – Laura Lochore – Quokka Quilts

Jan. 16 – Elaine Wong Haselhuhn – Dashasel Sews

Jan. 17 – Kim Lapacek – Persimon Dreams


58 thoughts on “Blog tour + giveaway: The Bitchy Stitcher Wrote a BOOK!

  1. Everything about quilting was difficult for me when I started! I had never sewn before deciding (on some sort of crazy, where-the-hell-did-that-idea-come-from) to make my first quilt. I struggled through all of the processes until I finally emerged with a laughably, none of the seams matching up( not even remotely) quilt top. I was discouraged & put it aside before attempting an easier improv style second & third quilt. I did then come back to the first one, quilted & bound it & I know have lots of affection for this imperfect introduction to my quilting obsession. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this awesome book.


  2. As a beginner … learning to use a rotary cutter, thank goodness for blogger videos. Then there was that pesky scant 1/4 inch seam, again thanks bloggers you saved me. Merry Christmas. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com


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