$ew Worth It – Education Idea #1

I was going to show you an image of a big box quilt here… but I’m happy to say there isn’t one in the house to photograph! So I’ll show you this one instead from quilt market… flying pigs made from bacon fabric:

Bacon pigs

The pigs and fabric are from Lily Gonzales-Creed, a new designer for Windham. Go see the rest of the line Farm to Fork here. I love how her delightful sense of humor comes out in the designs! And although I couldn’t talk her out of a pig (the pattern is coming soon!) she gave me some bacon fabric!!!! Woohoo!

Anyway… THANK YOU to all for the comments, love, support, links, forwards, blind copies of letters to potential buyers, hugs and requests for buttons. I’m blown away. Your support for this is what’s going to make a difference for us all. 

One reader, Gail Shearer, offered this as a comment:

About 17 years ago I went to a quilt show in Annandale , VA and the quilt guild had a $29.99 quilt from Wal-mart hanging up next to one they had made of similar pattern and colors.  They had a terrific display with a list and arrows pointing on the quilt enumerating what made the two items so different from each other.  At first glance, casual observers might not notice, but after 5 minutes with that display they had received a valuable education.  

How many of you have a guild show coming up? Can you propose this to the board? What if we all got this going at our guild shows???

Just saying! And thank you Gail!!

And as an update on the Bad Ass Gala – I had such a blast delivering my talk. There were a bunch of other people talking too, and everyone had something really important to share. It was an honor to be among them. I will let you know when the DVD is available. And I think my hair held up!

HDS Sew Worth It LOGO

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