So Worth It

I’m trying to get a movement started. I know… it’s a pretty big-for-my-yoga-pants idea, but hey… as they say, go big or go home, right? So I think I’ll aim for BIG.

Having said that, I can’t do this by myself, so I’ll need your help.

Auntie Sam

As you know – I keep talking about the value of art and craft, the value of what we artists, artisans, quiltmakers, sewists, and craftsters make. And I firmly believe we are not only being underpaid, but along with it, undervalued.

So I’m starting a movement – the first foray has a tab of its own on the site (look up and right it you are reading this on the blog). If you’re reading this elsewhere catch it here.

HDS Sew Worth It LOGO

I’m asking you to get on board for educating our buyers that what we make, these beautiful handcrafted objects, have value. That the skills we have developed as makers have value. And that we deserve to be paid accordingly.

The second foray is that I’m speaking about this at the BadAss Quilters Society Gala this weekend at Quilt Market. There will be video. Wish me luck and good hair.

And then we’ll see where this goes next. I’m looking forward to becoming the poster child for this movement, and I’m hoping that you’ll all come along for the ride with me.

Shoot me a comment about this – I’ll pick a couple of winners after market, and send you a 5 pack of the “we are $ew worth it” buttons… one for you and some to share!

Sew Worth it button in hand

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One BadAss Market, coming up!


If you don’t know this lovely lady, do let me introduce you: she’s Maddie Kertay of the BadAss Quilters Society.

Maddie is a force of quilting energy, and sweetly caters to many of us who consider ourselves on the fringes of that unfortunate sector of quilting that thinks it OWNS the Quilt Police. You know the one… it stares you down when you use a little salty language (Pardon your French? That didn’t sound like French to ME). At BadAss, Maddie has made a home for a more relaxed approach, full of bright images and positive reinforcement no matter how straight (or not) your seams are.

The Houston Quilt Market is nearly upon us, and of course, Maddie decided to put on a party. She has put together a networking event for everyone, where we get to eat fab snacks, play business card swap, and listen to people talk about stuff they think is important in our industry. The line up of speakers is sweet, and I’m thrilled to say she’s letting me have the microphone for a few minutes to talk about that thing I’m always talking about – art and craft have VALUE.

The official title of the gig is the BadAss Quilters Society Networking Gala – The Big Wing-Ding! Follow that link to read more about it. And yes, she’ll add me to the official published line-up as soon as I email her one of the photos that my pal Larry took of me last week! (Yes… I procrastinated getting head shots done… doesn’t everyone?!)

Not going to Market? Fret not! Maddie is going to videotape all of us (gulp!) and make it available for you. I hear there might even be some live streaming! So go follow her post to keep up with the latest, or catch her on Facebook here.

Oh… and about that head shot… what do you think? Me and the Ultimate Power Tool! Yeah!

Sam Hunter HS1