Thread, thread, thread!

(sung to the tune of this)



After my last post about sewing machine needles, I had a few requests for one about threads.

I use a lot of different threads, but I would hardly call myself a font of knowledge, but I just happen to know someone who is: Mary Ellen Sakai, a wonderfully thread capable quilt artist, my co-worker, and (lucky me) a sweet friend. Mary Ellen delivers a fantastic thread lecture when she teaches quilting at the store, and I’ve learned a bunch from her. She has agreed to help me write something juicy for you.

We will be working on it over the weekend – but in the meantime… send us your questions! We will attempt to get them all answered as we write a post for next week.



Doggone it.

(All images from the Long Beach Quilt Festival last weekend)


Rusty’s New Teddy Bear – by Tonya Littman

Let me just start out by saying I’m a cat person. Or I would be if my allergies would allow it. I’d probably be one of those women with too many cats. But the universe has either played a cruel trick by handing me a diva of an immune system, or saved me – because if I had all those cats you could win money on the odds I’d never get a date again.

I don’t get the dog thing. Well, I get it… I can see that other people like dogs as much as I like cats. They like colors I don’t like too, so really, vive la difference! But really…

One of the best things about cats is their relative self-sufficiency. No walking required. No trips to the groomers because they smell like fetid camels. No running them outside at awkward times in freezing climes for a pee. No whining. No BARKING.

Family - by Toshiko Maeda

Family – by Toshiko Maeda

The blind loyalty of a dog confounds me. You’ve been gone all day, and the dog is sooooooo happy to see you, and forgives you for ignoring them and is just so EXCITED! So excited it has to stick a cold nose right up in your ladybits! Without at least dinner and a movie first!

Cats, on the other hand play it far more cool. You again, eh? Huh. Well, I wasn’t keen on being home alone all day so I just want to let you know I threw up in your shoes. And I might have shredded the couch a bit. But we’re all good… I might let you pet me once I’ve eaten. And no… not that stale stuff that’s been in the fridge. A fresh can if you please.

I mean I might not like the attitude (cat-titude?) but I really respect the discernment.

Crime Scene Investigation - by Pauline Salzman

Crime Scene Investigation – by Pauline Salzman

The other thing that’s wonderful about cats is purring. An instant feedback mechanism for if you’re petting the proper way. Do it right, and the V8 hums along. Do it wrong, the motor stops, and you might get a quick swipe with the needle claws. See… feedback. Punishment and reward. Keeps you on track.

Every time I pet a dog I miss the purr. I get the roll-over-pet-my-belly-right-here-oh-god-yes-right-there part of the dog. By really, touching them just about anywhere will get you drooling devotion. I will, however, give dogs the points for the thump-spot. It’s funny to see the reflexive foot jerking. Even cats laugh at it.

Section of Ms. MacDonald Had a Farm - the Hanging By a Thread Group

Section of Ms. MacDonald Had a Farm – by the Hanging By a Thread group – see the whole quilt here.

It’s not that I’m rabidly anti-dog. There are a few dogs I think are cool… not that I would ever let on to that in front of them. I live in a house that has a dog, and I take great delight in saying the most seriously screwed up stuff to her in the sweetest voice when I’m petting her.

But really… I’m a cat person.