HDS is on Facebook!

I started this adventure thinking that I would spend the majority of my time designing new patterns and making the samples. I had no idea how much of my time would be spent wrangling with various different software platforms that are integral to getting the word out. Sometimes our dates are good and sweet, sometimes we don’t really agree on how to move forward. Facebook is the latest frontier to conquer, and so here it is – and with much more content to come!


Sew Sassy Buttons are on Etsy!

For those of you who came here from The Bitchy Stitcher last week looking for the Sew Sassy Buttons – they are now up to date on Etsy! (and if Etsy doesn’t play nice for you just shoot me an email and I’ll make something work!).

And if you want your local store to carry any of my stuff, direct them here (or print this out and take it to them).


You gotta be kidding me

As I’ve mentioned before, I work a couple of days a week in a lovely quilt store. This means I sometimes get to help choose the new goodies we buy, and am often in charge of finding a spot for them when they arrive. I’ve noticed recently that many new lines of fabric arrive with a free sample pattern for us to distribute to our customers, and we often consider making that pattern in the store to help show off the fabric for inspirational purposes.

And so… as I read through one that was piquing my interest, I espied this in the bottom corner of the glossy freebie:

Every effort has been made to present a well written, well illustrated, quilter-friendly pattern. No warranty is given or results guaranteed. [Fabric Company] and [Pattern Designer] disclaim any liability for unfavorable results.

Huh? Do we really have to cover our patooties at this level? For heaven’s sake, it’s a quilt pattern, not a seat belt or air bag or some other device whose failure could cause you bodily harm. And how on earth could a designer be responsible for a quilter’s craftsmanship or color choices? I mean really… if a pattern was designed for batiks there’s a strong chance it will flame out spectacularly in ’30s reproductions. And how can you define “unfavorable” in this context? Does unfavorable mean that the hard-to-please auntie that you gave such a quilt to doesn’t like a particular shade of blue you used? Could this really be something sue-worthy? And did someone actually SUE [Fabric Company] and/or [Pattern Designer], inciting them to come up with the disclaimer??? Say it isn’t so!

When I started teaching foundation art classes in graduate school, I was advised to write my syllabus in a very detailed manner regarding the penalties for absences and tardies and noodling on cellphones and so on – one that was relatively impervious to the challenge of “I didn’t know I would fail if I missed 75% of the classes…” What resulted was a seven page document of almost legal discourse, a humorless affair that said nothing at all about the joy of making art or the interesting assignments to come. Nope, the first look the students had at me said I was dull and nitpicky, and far more interested in calculating how they might fail rather than inspiring them to succeed.

When I first read the disclaimer above I thought egad…. now I have to add that to my patterns too. On second thoughts though, maybe not.

Sew Sassy Buttons are here!

I’m really excited about these… I had the idea that the button world was missing some sassy sewing sayings, and so polled my Sew Sistas* and came up with some ideas.

Adobe Illustrator and I went on another date – we’ve had a long and complicated relationship… on again, off again… (we’re pretty tight at the moment and getting along quite nicely… well, until the next time I can’t find something in the dang tool box). I chose inch-and-a-quarter for the size because I could actually see it without my glasses. PureButtons.com did the honors – a great group of folks to work with. And voila!

Anyway… these lovelies will be making a debut at the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds this weekend, and will definitely be with me at Long Beach. I’ll have them up on Etsy next week so watch this space. They are on Etsy here!

*The Sew Sistas – my lovely group of sewing friends that kindly listen to my latest wild ideas and usually encourage me anyway! Thank you ladies! You know who you are :-)