National Quilting Day and sew on

Did you get a chance to sew on National Quilting Day this weekend? I was working at the Glendale Quilt Show, so while I didn’t sew on Saturday I got to see the fruits of others’ labors – and there were some very pretty quilts. I love big shows as much for their vendor malls as for the quilts – so fun to have such a concentration of new things to see and touch.

National Quilting Day was also St. Patrick’s Day, and being England born and bred, I left my green at home and proudly wore my protestant orange in the form of some groovy earrings. I choose to stay home in the evening as I find the amateur drinkers tend to be on the roads this day. We were already dealing with rain (a rare occurrence here in downtown sunny Burbank CA) so I thought I’d just stay in, put my feet up and plot today’s my Sunday sewing make-up day.

And so to today’s sewing… I spent the day paper piecing, in my jammies, in front of some back episodes of delightfully lightweight TV. I haven’t had a jammies day in ages – such a treat. I’ve been designing an alphabet for a few months and finally finished test-sewing the first draft. So far, I like it well, although edits are evidently in order. Which makes sense considering they are letters!