Big Block Tumble Quilts

I taught Big Block Tumble last weekend to lovely group of ladies over at New Moon Textiles in Pasadena CA. Jamie, Donna and Pam got lap sized quilt tops finished and borders well on the way; Janet was close behind with a half a twin sized top done (and the other half in big enough chunks that I’m betting she was finished before bedtime).

Pix of their efforts are here on Flickr – the ladies kindly gave permission to photo and publish.

It was such fun to see everyone’s fabric choices… we had a great mixture of styles, from a vintage floral (Janet) to the latest bold prints by Alexander Henry (Pam and Donna). Jamie played it cool with smooth blue and purple tones. Nice work, ladies!



Strips, strips, strips, strips…

Sung to the tune of “Spam, spam, spam, spam…” because, let’s face it, any opportunity to quote Python will be taken!

Strips everywhere. The chaos that has to be created in order to see all the possible choices – not to mention a bunch of gag-inducing failed auditions – egad, no, not that one!

An older Bali Pops jelly roll dissected and modified – why is there always that one chartreuse green strip in the pack that doesn’t go with anything except for all the other chartreuse strips I’ve pulled from other packs? Did Hoffman order too much chartreuse batik and now we are obliged to get one in every pack? I do wonder… Oh, and take out the one bright pink and the four gold-with-purple while I’m at it. This was supposed to be a purple and green pack! Dig in the purple drawer… yikes, why is there a whole yard of that abomination? What was I thinking?? No matter… it will piece into the back nicely. Along with this questionable delight, and that one too. Yes, the back… the bit you don’t see all that often and therefore can be made INTERESTING, as in the polite euphemism for odd, weird, funky… and frugal. If I can pull the back out of the no-longer-loved stuff, I don’t have to go to the store!

And so… with a new and improved pack of 40 strips in hand let the sewing commence. A new pattern is being tested… one that makes a quickie lap quilt out of a pack of strips in a lazy afternoon. More to come once it’s finished!